Paperwork’s Easy Part of Design; Pitching to Public is Harder, Says Planner

By Kim Davis, Vancouver Sun

December 11, 2010


Like any other urban design or planning team, the 20 or so students from UBC’s School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture and the School of Community and Regional Planning started with a set of projections and objectives. They imagined a doubling of Vancouver’s population over 40 years, emphasizing the city’s rapidly aging demographics, and a reduction of greenhouse gases to 80 per cent of 1990 levels. More …


Architecture Students’ Term Project a First For Vancouver

By Bob Ransford, Vancouver Sun

December 11, 2010


Vancouver is one of only a few major cities in North America that does not have a physical master plan guiding change and growth. The Vancouver Town Planning Commission hired American urban planner Harland Bartholomew in the 1920s to draft the last city-wide plan. Bartholomew’s plan, completed in 1929, was never officially adopted, but did set the tone for much of Vancouver’s current urban structure. More …