New CCDC Construction Management Contracts

The new CCDC Construction Management Contracts are now available in electronic format. Ordering information can be found here.

CCDC 5A – 2010 Construction Management Contract – For Services
Standard contract between owner and construction manager for which the work is to be performed by trade contractors. The construction manager acts as a limited agent of the owner providing advisory services and administering and overseeing the contracts between the owner and trade contractors. CCDC 5A replaces Canadian Construction Association (CCA) standard contract document 5 – 1998.

CCDC 5B – 2010 Construction Management Contract – For Services and Construction
Standard contract between owner and construction manager whereby the construction manager provides pre-construction advisory services to the owner and then undertakes actual construction. In that case, the construction manager engages trade contractors as subcontractors and is responsible for their performance. At the outset, the work is performed on an actual-cost basis, plus a percentage or fixed fee which is applied to actual costs. The parties may agree to exercise the following options: Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP), GMP Plus Percentage Cost Savings, and conversion into a Stipulated Price Contract.

CCDC 17 – 2010 Stipulated Price Contract for Trade Contractors on Construction Management Projects
Standard contract form between owner and trade contractor to perform the work for a single, pre-determined fixed price. It is a companion document for use where the project is performed under the CCDC 5A Construction Management method of contracting. CCDC 17 replaces CCA 17 – 1996.


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